immaletyafinish but first…

tell me this:

my big toe on my left foot hurts. don’t know how it happened. or when. it’s a mystery.

but an even bigger mystery is this:

in order to fix my big toe, because i will need to wear high heels any day now, i took some pills.

my question is this:

how the hell do those pills know where to go? how do they know it’s my big toe on my left foot that hurts, and not say for example my right nostril?

and what if while they’re travelling down my throat and through my body, in search of the place that is sore, they come accross a paper cut, or something like that. and then they just assume that that is the pain they are required to mend. so then they stop travelling and miss out on fixing my big toe.

it’s like electricity. i don’t get it. is there a doctor in the house?

2 responses to “immaletyafinish but first…”

  1. Umm.
    The tablet works all over your body.
    But you just feel the effect in your big toe.
    Because that’s the bit that’s hurting.

    Tablets: not that clever.

  2. clearly – me: not that clever.

    that makes sense 6000.

    but surely would work better if the whole pill made it to that one part that hurts, then it wouldn’t have to be diluted when it fixes your pain.

    i mean they do send men and women to the moon. this seems a small breakthrough in comparison.

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