i heart shoes

I love shoes, I’ve said it here before, I’ve often wished I had a second pair of feet, so I could wear more than one pair of shoes at a time.
Something else I also love, or rather someone else i love is Catherine McEver. I’ve never met her, but I just know I would like her. She has this blog over here, called Stuff you can’t Have. And she makes the most wonderful things.
Like this series of art/shoes/food:

she’s gone and made all these tiny little shoes out of tons of different materials.

Like copper, and cork:

And the rubber from inside tyres:

And from sponges,

And even from foodstuffs, like polony,

and bread.

I just love her attention to detail. The fact that every little shoe has a button or a catch, which means they’re not only incredibly cute and interesting, but fashion forward too!

Even cheese! It’s genius. I don’t know whether I want to eat them or wear them.

Hey, you could do both. wear them for a bit, then hey, you’re feeling a little peckish at around 11am? How about a quick nibble. And if you wear the bread shoe on one foot and the cheese shoe on the other, ta dah… sandwich! Although talking about sandwiches just now made me think of toe jam, and now i’m all grossed out.

And even more. Out of the foil from cigarette packaging, and money,

Well, i don’t really need to describe them all, I’m sure you can see what they’re made out of with your own two eyeballs. Sorry about that, don’t know what I was thinking. I’ll shut up now for a bit.

Okay, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut any longer. That one’s re
ally impressive, toilet paper! That must have been really really hard to make. Catherine McEver, i would have McNever have been able to make that without tearing right through it with my fingers! It’s all very impressive.

And she doesn’t just make shoes, oh no, Catherine makes all sorts of amazing stuff. You should check out her blog if you get a chance, guaranteed she’ll inspire you to make something. Even if it’s just a mess. At least you’ll be making something, and there’s always wonder in that.
Thank you for inspiring me Catherine. Your work is beautiful.

3 responses to “i heart shoes”

  1. A second pair of “shoes” is usually called gloves ….
    This is something you could do … how many unique shoes can you make in a month [i]without[/i] buying anything unusual?
    peace 😉

  2. Wahahahahahaha! love it, two of my best thing polony and shoes – could a girl get any happier right now? 🙂 wahahahaha

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