i forgot to remember

i’ve written myself a note in my cell phone. i do that sometimes when i really really want to remember something very very funny, or moving or clever or important.

i wrote it on saturday night, i remember that much. i was away for the weekend and we were sitting around a big fire talking shit and having a couple (million) drinks. (thanks johnnie walker black label, i heart you. my liver hearts you too.)

anyway all i’ve written to remind myself is:

‘rose joke’

that’s all. i obviously thought it was so fucking funny that just those two words alone would be enough to conjure up the entire joke engrained in my mind word for word.

well they aren’t.

does anyone out there know a fucking hilarious joke about a rose, or someone named rose, or the colour rose?


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3 responses to “i forgot to remember”

  1. Two retired couples were having lunch and talking about how special their golden years were when Harry said to Frank “Hey..uh..Frank, we went to this really, really super restaurant for dinner last night”.
    Frank: “Oh really, what was the name?”
    Harry: “If my old memory serves me correct ….silence…what is the name of that pretty flower…the one with the thorns?” he asks Frank, who answers “A Rose?”.
    “Oh yes, Rose” he says as he turns to his wife, “what is the name of the restaurant we went to last night?”

  2. that actually sounds really familiar. i think it’s the one. were you there on saturday night? i don’t remember anyone there named anonymous, but i had had a couple.

  3. wasn’t there
    if i was you would have remembered…no matter how much you had to drink
    now to search though all those dating sites to find out who anonymous could be

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