i don't. unless…

i’m not a big fan of the wedding. and if i’m completely honest i don’t really picture myself ever getting married. not in the traditional sense anyway. if somehow it ever came down to that, i’m more of a justice of the peace and a week in vegas kind of girl, than the fluffy frock and hava negilla type.

my friend ‘the animal’ went to a wedding recently. it was a very big affair, and the animal was one of the groomsmen. he was quite nervous. he had to wear a tux and what my colleague, kr calls a camembert. it was a huge a family affair, and he had to make a speech. all his brothers were going, as well as a further cast of thousands, and they were definitely going to have a wedding cake with at least five tiers.

anyway three days after the wedding when the animal finally answered my smses i got this:

‘it was good. got horribly drunk, got hit on by a cousin and woke up in a strange place and everyone else had left. brother had to drive for an hour and a half to come fetch me.’

if i ever get married, that’s the kind of wedding i want.

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