how young is too young?

forget jesus, what would you do?

i got this message in my online dating website inbox a couple days ago:

from this guy:

he’s twenty four for fuck’s sake!

just to put things in perspective for those of you who don’t know me, i’m 36. (wow writing it down like that i feel older than i thought!)

i’m thinking the sex with a 24 year old would probably be energetic, but ultimately unfulfilling. an anti-climax if you will. after all, in my experience, a little bit of experience in the bedroom goes a long way.

also i just don’t think i could do it with a straight face. that and i’d keep expecting the police to burst in (and not those sexy stripper police with the velcro pants. i’m talking real police here) surely sleeping with someone so much younger than oneself is against the law or something?

but it does get me thinking about what my cut off would be. maybe thirty at a push. don’t think i could go ever younger than thirty, and even then thirty would be a stretch. and i certainly wouldn’t want to be in a serious relationship with someone that much younger than me.

i don’t know, is there a rule about this kind of thing? how low would you go?
(Demi Moore need not respond.)

7 responses to “how young is too young?”

  1. Gail says:

    dirty dirty dirty, the acceptable answer is younger than you is a no no, however … imagine how much fun a little toy boy could be! 🙂

  2. Nikki says:

    We live by something called the rule of 7 up north – don’t know if it’s a local Swedish joke or if it’s known elsewhere as well. You divide your own age by 2, and then add 7, and the sum is the lowest acceptable age for a possible partner. So at 36 you’d have to find someone who’s passed 25 😉

    The absolutely weirdest thing is that I’ve lately had like 18-19 year olds contacting me at discussion groups and websites of all kinds. And I’m 34. It’s not even flattering any more, it’s just creepy. Something is rotten not only in the state of Denmark but in the minds of young men nowadays…

  3. Kader Khan says:

    Age is but a number, maturity is a state of mind and experience comes with practice. Find out what’s inside the number before you decide.

  4. Paige says:

    Nikki, that’s very interesting, never heard of that before.

    i agree with you, young men are defs looking older, i wonder why?

  5. abraxas says:

    You’re not in the grab-a-granny department YET young lady.

    The choice is simple though, experience? or VIGOUR?


  6. Paige says:

    it’s true abraxas

    a) i’m not quite a granny yet. phew. thank you.
    b) it is experience vs vigour. think i’d go for experience, although there’s a lot to be said for flexibility. he he he.

  7. WRM says:

    You are so narrow minded ! When I was 29 I had a short, er, relationship with a 19 year-old. I must say, he wasn’t much different to the guys my age. I mean, they don’t really grow up much after 20.

    Demi Moorcroft.

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