How to get to China. (ie: avoid work)


Or have an urgent edit on your new novel that you need to finish ASAP.

Or have any other deadline, looming in front of your face like an ugly Rotweiller?
Excellent, then you’ve definitely got five minutes of your life to spare, that you don’t mind never ever ever getting back again.
Then do this: (courtesy of the ever hilarious JoannaCourt)

go to

Then click on ‘Maps’ in the top right hand corner. (Top left if you’re facing your screen, as opposed to being inside it, looking out.)

Then click on ‘Get Directions’:

Then type in ‘Japan’ in point ‘A’. And ‘China’ in point ‘B’. (I know I know, this seems like an awful lot of hard work. But trust me, it’s worth it.

And anyway, you knowing how to get from Japan to China, can’t hurt! In fact, it may even come in handy one day, then you’ll thank me.

Then when the directions come up, scroll down to point number 43.

Then laugh your ass off.

Then go thank Joanna.


7 responses to “How to get to China. (ie: avoid work)”

  1. Alwill says:

    hehehehehe! thanx for that little time waster 😉

  2. Kaloo says:

    Uhm… you owe me a new laptop!
    I just gave my current one a coffee-bath!
    teeheehee… awesome link 😉

  3. wozzel says:


  4. ElshaHawk says:

    thanks for the laugh!
    Also, you book sounds great too! I’m going to finish my WIP this November during National Novel Writing Month.
    Nice to meet you! Your blog is awesome!

  5. Paige says:

    Hello Elsha, good luck with furious frantic writing in November, Alwill, aren’t you doing that too?
    So glad you’re enjoying the blog Elsha, and good to have you here.

    to the rest of you: *waves madly*.

  6. Brendan says:

    5 minutes of my life that I will never get back, and so worth never getting them back!

    Just AWESOME

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