how old am eye?

it turns out i need glasses!

does this mean i’m getting old?

it doesn’t help that i work in advertising. it’s such a young industry. i mean the average age of the dudes in the general vacinity of my desk is like 22.

one plays in a band called ‘Captain Stu’ for fuck’s sake.

none of them even remember lady di’s wedding – most of them weren’t born yet when it happened!

and ask them who killed jr and they’ll look at you blankly.

reda kick-ass young art director once innocently asked me if i was the same age as her mom!

it’s ok, don’t feel sorry for me. i’m used to it.

on a separate although entirely related note, if you live in cape town and you need to get your eyes tested, go to Vision View at the lifestyle centre on kloof street. they’re very cool and they have an amazing spot.

danielle is the clever eye lady there and she’s got this machine that take a picture of the inside of your eyeballs (they don’t look anything like the inside of a marble, just in case you were wondering).

her and her fabulous assistant laaiqah won’t make you feel old, promise. even though if you have to go get your eyes tested, like i did, it’s probably because you’re getting on a little.

5 responses to “how old am eye?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry about it – I remember being told the 80’s were sooooooo long ago (I think the phrase ‘olden days’ might have been bandied about) by some teens I was taking care of while their parents were traveling overseas – it was only around 1996 at the time….

    As for the glasses – get some lime green funky ones and they’ll think you’re wearing them as a fashion statement 🙂

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks for the bigger font – it helpeded, since I found out 2 weeks ago my left eye is “lazy.”
    Stupid work-shy eye.

  3. Paige says:

    shame, let’s not call it lazy, let’s call it ocupationally challenged.

  4. I’m one of those 22-year-olds in the near vicinity of your desk and I also wear glasses (well I’m supposed to). I don’t remember Princess Di’s wedding but I remember her funeral clearly. And it was Sue-Ellen that shot JR. And I’m sure you’re young at heart.

  5. Sue Ellen didn’t shoot JR. It was that other girl um….Kirsten. That’s how fucken old I am.

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