Holiday, celibrate. (Not celibate.)

Fuck me, this year has been quite something, hasn’t it.

There have been successes and failures. There have been book launches and Loerie Awards. There have been deaths and births. There has been international travel. There has been words, hundreds of thousands of them. There has been work, there has been play, and there has been a column. There has even been charity winnings. (yay)

And through all of it there has been you.

You, visiting and reading and commenting when you feel the urge. And of course sending me all the mad crap that you do. Sheesh, i’d be lost without you.

So this is a big thank you to all of you for supporting me through this mad year and helping make this blog what it is; a big mad old place where you can hopefully come to see some crazy mad shit on a daily basis.

I’m going to be taking a break from blogging until early next year. But what i will do is post a link daily to a favourite old post that you may not have seen before, from the ancient annals (wierd word ‘annal’ maybe we should just stick to ‘history’) from the hisory of this blog, so should you not be on leave (sorry) and should you continue to visit (yay you), there will always be something for you to look at. I’d never want to leave you hanging.

Merry Xmas favourite people, and a happy happy happy new year. xxxx

4 responses to “Holiday, celibrate. (Not celibate.)”

  1. Deems says:

    It’s been an interesting ride, to say the least, this year. Been fun spending it with you too. Enjoy the holidays! 🙂 Mine only begin next weekend – but run on until 16th Jan!

  2. dummy says:

    its been awwwwsum!

  3. Kaloo says:

    Heres to 2011!
    You rock girlfriend!!

  4. chryssa says:

    blogs greatest hits. love it.

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