hello wannabe virginia wolf

hiya new follower number 87, fellow blogger, wannabe virginia wolf. i’m so glad you could stop by. if there’s anything i can do to make your stay more comfortable, please just let me know.
please remember, this is a no smoking zone, unless you’re smoking crack or tik of course, in which case, please be sure to pass that pipe around.

so two things happen when we reach 100 followers here at a million miles.

1. hopefully i beat juz, and get a free mug as a prize.
(sounds a lot less fabulous now than it did when we first made the bet. but maybe that’s because he’s beating me!)

2. no more personal greetings. i think it’s time. chances are you were all getting bored with it anyway, and i definitely don’t want to ever bore you. that would be a fuck up of monstrous proportions.
so if you’ve always hated the personal greetings be sure to sign up as a follower, that way they’ll be over sooner.
or if you enjoyed them, be sure to sign up as a follower, that way you’ll get your very own one.


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