hello pants

welcome mr pants.
it’s lovely to have you here as our new follower number 83.
(this cool flashy gif has screwed up my line breaks – i guess you can’t have it all. it’s good line breaks or a cool flashy gif. either, or. never both!)

we like to do a bit of a personal meet and greet over here at a million miles and you’re the 20th new follower we’ve said hello to.
but over and above that i also just made a wager with sneaky juz from this blog over here.
whoever gets to 100 followers first wins. he’s on 86, the bastard!
if i win he’ll give me a mug, if he wins i’ll give him my liver. you see his is in drastic decay.
i’m not sure if it’s such an even deal, it’s a pretty awesome mug.
so thanks pants, you’ve made my day.

5 responses to “hello pants”

  1. Juz says:

    I have many livers in cryogenic freezers. What about a signed copy of your book when it hit’s the shelves?

  2. Paige says:

    done Juz. good plan, a signed book sounds a lot less painful than a liver removal. (even if it does grow back.)

    book hits shelves in april.
    hopefully you’ll come to the launch.


  3. Pants says:

    well the racist desk pushed the subscribe button for me. what a ham sandwhich that person is, or was (just incase anti-racist retail groups cornered the person responsible and cleansed us of this person). tht wasnt too morbid? hahhaha

  4. Juz says:

    I’d love to come to the launch. Let me know when and where.
    and I see I can’t spell: hit’s the shelves…jees.

  5. Paige says:

    Ah Pants, the racist desk was fricken’ crazy!

    seems you’re morbid and smutty, think we’ll get along juuuust fine.

    i dig your blog by the way, it’s very cool.

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