hello new follower number 96.

oi demitri. howdeee. welcome to a million miles. so very glad you could make it.

ps: that’s not a picture of me waving. i have a hunchback, pigeon toes and crow’s feet, and i never learnt how to wave.

deem’s home is a very nice blog over here. he has some mad fancy computer skills.

alright, so only four hellos left before we hit a hundred and then we send the personal hellos to their bedroom without any dinner. (they’re going to need lots of therapy when they grow up.)

2 responses to “hello new follower number 96.”

  1. Deems says:

    Hey Paige – thanks for the personal welcome into the fold that is a million miles from normal. It’s a really cool idea you started late last year. Almost like having one’s name up in lights. I’ve enjoyed a couple of your previous posts and thought I’d subscribe 🙂

  2. Paige says:

    thanks deems, glad you like it. i think it’s always nice to give a bit of link love .
    i’ve also subscribed to your blog and looking forward to checking it out.

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