hello new follower 95

XOXO is new follower number 95. She likes Hello Kitty. but she also likes the very genius tv series ‘House’, so she can’t be all that bad.

xoxo, i’m so glad you’re here i could kiss you, then hug you, then kiss you, and then hug you again.

you may not know but i like to welcome all new followers here personally. until we reach number 100 that is, so five more to go.

for those of you who know about my bet with Juz, i’m afraid i lost. boo hoo. it’s okay, he has low self esteem, beating him would have been bad for his health. so i’m actually doing the right thing by losing. he he he. (anything to make myself feel better, i’m a terrible loser.)

anyway back to the business of helloing. xoxo has two lovely blogs. one about cleavage that all you boys must visit immediately if you wish to be made very happy. and another about finding your unicorn. which looks to be a very fun business, and i shall begin the hunt immediately.


2 responses to “hello new follower 95”

  1. Hehe.. Hello to you too! What an awesome welcoming! Well it’s a pity that you don’t like Hello Kitty, but if you don’t there’s a very cool blog for you to visit: http://www.kittyhell.com/! I am very intrigued by your blog, and I love love how you welcome your followers… I am adding you to my bloglove right this minute. XOXO!

  2. hi xoxo, i love that kittyhell site. also just love your cleavage blog, it’s fab stuff.

    major big thanks for the linklove. blogroll love is very special and i appreciate it.

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