happy birthday squared.

it’s my identical twin sisters’ birthdays today.

That’s ‘A’ on the far right. no wait, that’s ‘S’ on the right, ‘A’ is on the far left.

hold on, i’m not so sure now.

look at the socks, they’re always a dead giveaway.

no that’s definitely ‘A’ on the right.

our mother is pretty amazing. she had two children, then, on this very day a whole bunch of years ago, she had the twins.

if i’d been her close girlfriend back then i would have said; hey, come on, enough with all the babies already. what are you going for here, a netball squad?
but nobody said anything so then she had one more and then after that she still had another.

i don’t know what i’m complaining about, this would have been the world’s most non-existant blog if somebody had talked her into buying condoms.

so happy birthday ‘A’ and ‘S’.

‘A’, remember the time you puked on the persian carpet in the lounge after a party?

and ‘S’, remember when you got stung by a bee on the sole of your foot and then jumped up and landed on your other foot on another bee and got stung under that foot too?

good times, good times. happy birthday girls. xxx

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