the team had a rather too awesome dinner with ‘brave client’ last night. so i’m feeling a little hungover this morning. which means this post will probably be:

1. short
2. irrelevant
3. thirsty (what the fuck, did i not drink enough last night?)

i was planning on posting about this dickwad ‘one-liner larry’, from the dating website, but my brain is too big for my head this morning and it feels like it’s oozing out of my ears so that will have to wait till tomorrow.

so i have a question for all of you, i’m kind of sorted on my own dating rules, but what’s the vibe with setting people up? i’ve never done it before. but last night when i was about four and a half johnnie walker blacks in, i suddenly had a brainwave (as one does) about two people i know who i think would make a good match.

what’s the rule here?
step away from the bad idea?
give it a go?

and if i foolishly decide to give it a go (let’s be honest here, what are the chances it will actually go well, and they won’t both end up resenting me?) what’s the best way to do it?

advice please.

oh and nurofen.

advice and nurofen, that’s what’s needed this morning.

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9 responses to “hangover.”

  1. hmmm… I would set them up. Its so hard to meet people these days that if you think 2 people are right for each other its seems only moral to set them up.

    However, if I were you I would do it without them knowing. Invite them to the same do. Introduce them. The sparks will fly or they wont. If they are both single they will have their radar on for any other single person. And then if it doesn’t hit you don’t get into trouble. And if it does hit you can tell them you thought they would work. You see – no blame / full credit.

    Jesus I have been in advertising too long.


  2. i agree set them up….life is so short(clichéd to death) but it is….if they dont find nirvana maybe they will have some good times

  3. Do not, do not, do not do it- NE LE FAIT PAS!

    Yes, there is a chance that they may end up in matriomonial bliss charging glass of MOET in your name BUT… if it goes pair shaped (and yes, I AM speaking from personal experience as the person set up) your friend WILL ( even if she says she doesn’t) BLAME YOU for how much of a dickcheese he turns out to be!

    You don’t want that stress/sub-text in your friendship dynamic, trust me.

    ALSO, of much greater concern is the fact that she/he may not want to talk to you about the other person/ if they do, they may worry whose side you are on…it creates HUGE TRUST ISSUES …

    I repeat …DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT do such a thing!

  4. all good advice, although somewhat conflicting.

    so this is what i did:

    i suggested them as friends for each other on facebook.

    they made friends.

    i stepped out.

    sorry ‘little miss lawless’ but it was three for, one against and one undecided. i had to.

    what happens now is up to them.

    if i hear anything i’ll let you know.

    thanks for being there for me on this very hungover thursday. x

  5. That sounds pretty harmless. Bookface is public domain…hell bookface suggests I befriend my boss every five seconds. Fb friend suggestions could just as easily be based on email and google crawlers as they could be well-meaning mutual friends…

    I wish them well… xxx

  6. ha ha bookface, that’s funny ‘little miss lawlessness’ – i love your blog by the way, it’s fab.
    yeah, i thought that was the least intrusive way of doing it.

    i see they have made friends now, so the rest is up to the gods of bookface.

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