Get stuffed

I have written about taxidermy here before, it’s a weird strange activity that I must say, I don’t quite get, especially in this form. But this is too bizarre not to write about again.

One of my favourite people in Amsterdam, Zwier, sent me the link to this site. I have lots of very favourite people in Amsterdam. But I guess, when dope is freely available, everyone is your favourite people.
And then a second favourite person, Ross, sent it to me as well more recently, so i thought i’d better not piss off the blog G-ds and get moving on it.

It’s a site called ‘Badly Stuffed Animals’ and it rocks like a big rocking thing.

There are so many to choose from, I had to literally hold myself back!

Some people are a Gazillion Miles from Normal. Who does this shit!

I know, here are two dead squirrels, let’s recreate them boxing! Of course, it’s so obvious! WTF?

It seems squirrels are very big in the taxidermy world. Not sure where this one is paddling to, but it might be too late for him to get away at this stage.

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaa. That’s one skinny assed fox!

Poor Mr Fox. He looks like he got slammed in a door.

Fox on crack.

I’m sorry, excuse me, I beg your pardon. But is that a fox, frog jumping the world? Why yes, I believe it is. Thank you very much.
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