Genitalia stationery

Trawling around online as I do, like some kind of freak, looking for psycho things to appease all your smutty appetites, I came across something rather interesting.

It’s mad stationary.

I found it here on Etsy, the designer’s name is Snew, and this is her designer ‘Vagina Rainbow Stationery’:

Order it from her and you’ll receive this set of eight flat cards in all the colours of the rainbow. Sadly there is just one standard vagina image – she doesn’t do personalised vagina cards, which i think is a pity.

I mean if I’m going to send someone a note on vagina stationary, I think it would be nice if it was at least a picture of my own vagina.

This Snew is one interesting lady, she doesn’t just do vaginas. She can also do the same colors in different images like, an anatomical heart, a fetus, an eyeball, the ever romantic gallbladder, the liver or the brain.

Nothing says ‘I love you’, or ‘please remember to buy eggs, milk, cheese and bananas’, quite like a picture of a gall bladder, right?

Here’s another of hers:

Help a girl out here, I must have missed this day at med school – is that one the fetus? Can’t be sure.

But back to the vagina one. Imagine writing a letter to your child’s school using vagina stationery.

Dear Mr Du Plessis,

Maya didn’t do her maths homework for today because she left her text book at school in her locker by mistake. I will make sure she does the homework tonight and is well caught up by tomorrow.

Thanking you for your understanding,

Lisa Fuller (Maya’s mom)

closely followed by a diagram of a vagina.

Let’s see him put little Maya in detention now!

Or what about using the fetus one to thank someone for a gift:
Dear So-and-so,
Thank you so much for the lovely toaster you gave us for our wedding present, we will treasure it forever, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera… picture of a fetus,
Love Jon and Tina.
I think it’s kind of a cool idea. Good on yer Snew. If I had awesome stationery I’d write you a letter of congratulations.
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6 responses to “Genitalia stationery”

  1. Hey now, you’re creative, why not create your own series of personalized stationery? Perhaps a close-up of your nostril? Ear? Wait! I have it! Steal one from dick-painter man & create your very own line of arse-printed templates. Think I’ll do that myself…

  2. I once had the idea of writing hundreds of letters to random people, randomly, all in invisible ink.
    Then i’d write them another letter in normal ink, like maybe the day after, offering them a special on the stuff that makes invisible ink become uninvisible.

    I didn’t pursue this business venture because I didn’t know if “uninvisible” was a word at the time.
    I would have googled it on but again, at the time I couldn’t spell “Thesaurus”

    What more could one expect from a 6 year old?

  3. I saw some of Pricasso’s work.
    That guy doesn’t dick around, does he?
    Such firm brush-strokes.

    Proof once again, that the penis mightier than the sword.

  4. Sorry Charles, but your comment was a little too spammy, spam, spam spam for me. thanks for visiting and trying your luck, though.

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