Friday is Pie Day.

Some people make the best word nerds.

Kelly Ansara is one of those.
She has a blog called It’s A Book Thing, and if you like the odd book, you should check it out.

She’s currently running a series on her blog called Author Pie, where she interviews various authors. Her last one was on prolific YA author, Sally Partridge.
And today I’m the lucky cat. Or should I say pie.
Here’s a taster from the interview, this is what’s behind door number question three:
3. What is the BEST & WORST dating site name you have come across?
There are a lot more worsts than bests unfortunately. For me, the worsts are the ones who don’t try very hard and just use their names, or when they think they’re being clever, like ‘Mr69’, or ‘Mr Right’, when in fact they’re just being douche bags. I also think spelling mistakes in your name are a huge turn off, like ‘You’re Man’. If you can’t even spell your own name right we may be getting off to a bad start.

The best ones are when they’ve thought about it a little and maybe even personalised it. There’s so much you can say about yourself with a clever name. ‘Mr Darcy’ for example, if you read between the lines, shows that he’s smart and into literature (unless your real name is actually Mr Darcy, then not so much).

If you want to read the rest of the interview, and some of her others, click on over to Author Pie on It’s A Book Thing, over here.

And speaking of pie. I found this on Pinterest (Pinterest is a whole other post for a whole other day).

I think it’s a really cool way of making apple pie. Cute man.

I also found this (cos you can find just about anything on Pinterest)

It’s a pie on a stick.


Yes Really?

A pie? On a Stick?

Yes, that’s what I said.

But why?

Let’s not ask too many questions, shall we.

Happy Pie Day everybody.

2 responses to “Friday is Pie Day.”

  1. Michelle B says:

    And I thought it was in my honor! Boy was I wrong – sad face

  2. Paige says:

    Pie, what you don’t know Is that all Pie/Fridays are actually named after you, because they are the most favored day of the week. See? Better?

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