Free stuff.

Meanwhile, over at the It’s a Book Thing blog, they are giving away a copy of each of my books:

So be sure to swing by if you like free stuff.
Or if you like books.
Or if you like books that are free. And stuff.

Have a nice weekend.

One response to “Free stuff.”

  1. Shelagh says:

    Hi Paige (hysterical header image by the way!)

    I keep trying to convince the book gods that I deserve a copy of one of your books, but so far they are defying me… 🙂 But I have a plan – I will enter Kelly and Tarryn’s giveaway and make some appropriate offerings to the aforementioned gods (bowls of ink, re-alphabetising my bookshelves…).

    Thanks for supporting this giveaway!

    The Word Fiend

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