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this is chuck palahniuk.

no don’t try to pronounce it. it will only make you feel frustrated.

aside from having killer lamb chops, chuck’s also an author. he wrote ‘fight club’ before it was the uber cool movie, and a bunch of other cool books like choke, lullaby, diary, haunted, rant and snuff.

somehow i ended up with a brand new copy of one of his latest books, pygmy. i think ‘prof p’ gave it to me and i was supposed to bookcross it.

it’s about a 13 year old exchange student (named pygmy) shipped to the us from his totalitarian homeland (made up place), to live in the midwest with a typical american family, who give him an over sized Jesus t-shirt and a tiny american flag. on a trip to walmart with his host family, he attempts to purchase assault rifles from an elderly walmart greeter, because he is planning something truly evil that has to do with sex and terrorism.

i’ll be honest, i tried to read it, but i only got to page 27, i don’t think i’m cool enough to ‘get’ it. but you might be.

so here’s my own version of book crossing.

give us your best worst dating/sex/hectic story in the comments section below, it doesn’t have to have happened to you, as long as it happened to someone you know. but better if it happened to you of course.

best story wins the book. I will make sure it’s delivered right to your doorstep.

if your story is embarrassing feel free to write it under a pseudonym or ‘anonymous’ and when you win you can whisper in my ear who you are. i promise to retain your anonymity.

winner to be announced monday 2nd november.

ok, go:

4 responses to “free stuff”

  1. i hate chuck.his deeply disturbing words have indelibly etched horrible images in my brain, that pop up at random times. rather burn the book or throw it in the bin.

  2. ok, so you won’t be wanting to add pygmy to your collection then. give us a story anonymous, if it’s a good one i’ll find another book to gift you, and it won’t be by chuck, promise.

  3. ok so nobody wants pygmy. ha ha ha, i can’t even give it away! not so good at promotions over here at a million miles. you’d think i was trying to give away chlamydia!

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