freaks and lunatics

online dating is hysterical!

87.999% of the time it’s just a bunch of completely horny lunatics who have thrown themselves onto the internet with high hopes and low standards.

below is a pretty average profile that one might come across if one was a 30 something chick living in cape town looking for a match.

it all seems perfectly normal… until.

what does ‘ask me later’ mean?

it’s not an essay question!

surely you’re either single, married, divorced, separated, engaged, in a relationship or widowed?

does he not know his marital status? did he forget it while he was driving to work this morning?

what’s the bet he’s actually married and his wife thinks he’s just surfing

i emailed him and asked what ‘ask me later’ means. but i didn’t get a response. so i guess when he said ‘ask me later’ he actually meant ‘ask me much much much later, like after we’ve shagged’. nice try buddy.

3 responses to “freaks and lunatics”

  1. Anonymous says:

    having been a male on the internet dating game, and that it is a game, i found that there is a market for horny toads(like me) to get laid by dubious interconnecting means of the net! there are tons on ladies and men just waiting to hook up under the guise of all things sweet and pure, if makes one feel “clean” and not the little sleaze ball players we are. people get hurt that way, but players on both sides don’t care, it is just sex and we don’t have the balls just to say it because we will get found out and our game will be tarnished by words like slut etc. happy playing!

  2. kat says:

    ask me later = baggage.

  3. Paige says:

    i couldn’t agree more kat.
    i usually take it as one of these:

    1. married and doing it secretly behind wife’s back.
    2. in the process of getting a divorce (generally ugly)
    3. wants to end it with someone, but doesn’t want to do it till he’s got someone new lined up.

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