first blog. testing…

testing… one, two, three, is anybody out there?

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  1. It’s the best first blog entry I’ve ever read! What the fuck are you supposed to start with anyway? “War & Peace?” or “My analysis of all things in the whole world ever?”

    I think it is inspired…

  2. No Worries said…
    @Howard : WTF – you are supposed to start with “Hello World” !

    Howard showed a clean pair of heels did he ? (if Google can be believed – only Catherine Howard turned up). I am mildly suspicious that “Howard” was ghostwriting for someone else – I wonder who that would be ???

    More Blog stats from Google:

    About 384 results (0.19 seconds)
    Profile Views (approximate) 2086
    2011-01-26(Wed) B16:11:53.843
    – 2009-06-14(Sun) B18:23:04.156
    = 591 days

    So you’re hit on around 7 times a day, no wonder your pre-occupation with topics tres salacious.

    Was it “Archie’s life of Mehitabel” that pioneered the insignificant “i” style? You do slip up (in terms of inconsistency) a few times though :

    .. “I’ve found a site that i find astonishing”

    Finally, sorry if the kugel joke hurt (I did not know that this was 41% true of you – even if you do bravely claim to like anything wrapped in bacon. Did you ever see the movie “Leon the pig farmer”? Jhb guy by the name of Frankel starred in it – it was filmed in London)

    January 26, 2011 4:43 PM

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