even more vagina jewelry.

so it turns out that the vagina necklaces i wrote about last week were just the tip of the iceberg and vagina jewelery is all the rage.

a lady at a website called Proud Pussy makes a full range of vagina rings.

seriously, you couldn’t make this shit up. (unless you do a lot of crystal meth, of course.)

she has five unique designs:

and the best part is that each one is named after a different woman. see this one’s the ‘Leyla’:

this one is the ‘Kristina’:

and meet ‘Amanda’:

and this here is ‘Eva’s’:

and her friend, ‘Tove’s’ looks like this:

but for me these just raise so many questions, like:

are they modelled on some real ladies?

and are they the designers friends?

and how did she ask them to model for her? (hey friend, do you mind if i photograph your private bits? no touching, promise.)

and did they use their real names?

i don’t know about the rest of you girls, but i normally insist on dinner and a show at the very least before i let anyone look at my ahem… ‘yoni’, let alone mould a plaster cast out of it, sculpt it out of silver and sell it on the internet.

it just makes me think – if g-d had wanted us to have our vagina’s on our fingers, surely he would have put them there in the first place?

and why is it that the female genital jewelry market is so big, but i’m struggling to find anything in the men’s department? i mean i’ve googled it, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone out there making penis necklaces, or balls earrings, or scrotum tiaras.

i did find this ‘dick bracelet’, but it hardly counts.

don’t worry fearless readers, i’ll keep looking.

(Thanks to Nikki for directing me to the proud pussy website. If anyone visiting here speaks swedish you must go check out Nikki’s blog, its ‘The diary of a MidnightCowgirl with a strong interest in cursing, ninjas, and all things violent. Oh – and irony of course…’ it looks very cool and makes me want to learn swedish.)

3 responses to “even more vagina jewelry.”

  1. Wow. Thats all I can say. Wow.

  2. lisa says:

    Ok I have to admit – I kinda like them 🙂 They are a bit too much on the bizarre side of quirky for me, but if I was a bit braver…

  3. Paige says:

    hey lisa, if you wore one, do you think people would know what it was, or do you think they’d just think it was some kind of pretty flowy design? and if they did click what it was do you think they’d assume it was yours or just a generic?
    all factors one would have to take into consideration before buying one, i think.

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