even geeks like to screw

sometimes people send me cool stuff. this is one of those times. the wonderful Lood sent me a link to this particular website. and i must say, i love it!

finally after all these years, geeks have actually managed to put all their skills to good use: their computer savvy, their love of chess and their masturbation skills.

and so it was bound to happen – the geeks have finally introduced the world to … drum roll please… Love Chess.

it’s a sexually explicit game of computer chess.
here are a few screen shots to give you an idea of how it works:

it’s chicks versus doods in a game of chess like you’ve never quite seen it before.

unless you often play chess in nothing but a studded thong.
in this game, when your queen takes their bishop, she really really takes him, in the truest sense of the word.

i love how all the other um… er… pieces simply look straight ahead, arms crossed, and wait for it to be over so they can all get on with the rest of the game.

and because it’s a computer world you can choose your backgrounds and stuff, like if you want it based on an egyptian world or if you’d rather it had a greek theme:

or if you’re just happy with burning buildings and dominatrixes as per below:

hey hold on a second, what’s that dude doing? don’t start without us, guy! Surely somebody’s got to ‘take you’ first? chess is a team sport dude, if you want to play with yourself you have to go play computer solitaire!

here are some more screen shots to give you an idea of the game. here’s one from the egyptian world. a pawn takes another pawn, in the castle:

and the knight and the bishop get it on with a pawn.

chess, more complicated than you could ever imagine. i’m not sure how one would explain this move:

i would imagine it’s some kind of check mate.

that one’s funny, did that pawn lose a contact lens? is that what she’s looking for down there on the floor between that horses knees?

and one has to wonder, is the horse really hung like a, well, like a horse?

this is gary kasparov, possibly the greatest chess player of all time:

i wonder what he thinks about all of this?

and this is Murray Cranston, possibly the greatest Love Chess player of all time:

seriously, now you know why geeks love chess so much. hey, can you blame them?

6 responses to “even geeks like to screw”

  1. abraxas says:

    (I think that a lot after reading your blogposts)
    When i did chess at school, we used to kick each other under the table … full contact chess, i thought, until … this …

    peace 🙂

  2. Lood says:

    I wish chess was this exciting when I played back in high school. There would have been a lot less depressed nerds walking around, and we might have had a team worth mentioning. But if real life chess worked like this, why do I have the nagging suspicion that it would have become a jock sport?

  3. Paige says:

    you kicked each other under the table? that seems a little harsh. it’s a new sport, rugchess. full contact chess.

    i’m terrible at chess, my brother was really good at it and he taught me how to play when i was about seven, but my skills haven’t advanced much. now if it was as above i think i’d be a much better player.

  4. I would so do that king!

    Not something I ever thought I would write — especially after being “captured” by a bishop during a church picnic back in the summer of 1957.

  5. Gail says:

    this on the other hand – shame and ick, and weirdos! 🙂 smashingly hysterical, but mainly ick

  6. Maryx says:

    Oh wow… makes me want to START playing chess… Where’s the geeks at?! =) heehee

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