enough beaver for everybody.

i feel like i’ve been punked. is it april fools yet?

i saw this article on iol yesterday:

there are so many things to talk about here, that i’m almost not quite sure where to start.

okay, let’s start here: the guy reporting on the fact that they are importing 40 000 prostitutes for the world cup has the surname Bayever! really! sirius! you’re shitting me? you couldn’t make this crap up, could you?

David Beaver oops, i mean Bayever wants you to know that there will be more than enough Bayever, oops i mean beaver, to go around when you come over here to watch the footie! no fear folks, you’ll be well looked after in the quick blowjob for fifty bucks department.

Mr Bayever says that most of this new beaver will be coming from eastern europe. surprise surprise. it’s a pity, i thought we had more than enough of our own toothless hos to go around, clearly not.

so i googled ‘david bayever’ and i believe this is him:

hmmm, not quite what i was expecting. he’s the deputy chairman of the central drug authority. you’d think he’d look a little more dodgy. i for one was expecting a big nigerian dude.

So he’s got the name and the drugs, he’d make a great pimp, don’t you think?

if i ever become a hooker (hey, it’s possible) i want my pimp’s name to be mr beaver. i feel it’s the only way forward.

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4 responses to “enough beaver for everybody.”

  1. It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. No doubt “Leave it to the Beaver” over there has some very interesting predilections behind closed doors;)

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