me: hi it’s me.
the reader: hi.
me: i’ve just put a new post on my blog, i need you to tell me if it’s too offensive.
the reader: ok, hold on, lemme go read it.

the reader: yeah it is quite offensive. but it’s funny.
me: do you think someone will try kill me?
the reader: nah, just write a disclaimer at the bottom.
me: what should i say?
the reader: what about ‘meant in good faith’?
me: constructive and punny! i like it.
the reader: good. can i go back to ‘so you think you can dance’ now?
beeeeeeeep of dialling tone.
me: ok. thanks, bye.
DISCLAIMER: hi. please don’t be offended by the post below. it’s meant in good faith. thank you.

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  1. Justin says:

    hee hee.

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