Dinner for Mouschi

This is a sort of, kind of reblog. I came across a tumblr page belonging to someone named Mouschi, and I found so much cool stuff that i wanted to share with you.
It’s all quite random, and she seems to have a lot of crazy porn, but in amongst the images were some completely fantastic ones. So i copied and pasted them for your thursday enjoyment.
Here goes:

Yes, a jar full of eyeballs, i should like to have one of those, please. And i should like to wear it around my neck at all times. That is good. Let’s just hope the cork doesn’t pop off and the eyeballs don’t roll across the floor while i’m waiting in the queue at the bank at lunch time, shall we.

Like I said, super-random, but uber-cool.

Love that, it’s totally how i’m going to do my next barbie cake.

Or I think it would be cool to do an upside down Barbie cake where her her legs are sticking up like that, but the cake is her skirt which has fallen over her head and you can see her knickers. Know what I mean? No. Oh. Well I can see it clearly in my head, and it’s very cool.

Bwaahahahah porno slippers and hot waterbottles. Genius.

I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.

I like this chick’s style. She’s got a real eye for the crazy.

Thanks Mouschi, you’re a rock star sicko freakophant. We dig you.

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