destnation unknown

alright, it’s pretend holiday week here at a million miles, and today we have three destinations to choose from.

shall we go to Why, Arizona:

with a population of approximately 113 people at the last count, it’s major export is, well nothing really, it only has 113 people for christ’s sake, what did you expect?

i would imagine it’s major export is teenagers. i bet once they hit eighteen they’re outta there. (all heading for Because, Missouri, no doubt.)

ok, so if it’s not Why, then how about:

although they do give you a heads up there on the crocodiles, which kind of gives away the surprise a little, doesn’t it?

and if lake surprise is a little too predictable for you, then how about this place:

it’s in wales.

i think i wanna hear their national anthem.

ooh and i’d also want to call the town’s information desk over and over again, just to hear the lady answer the phone repeatedly

Llanvirepoollguin-gill-go-ger-u-queerndroboollllandusiliogogogoch, this is gillian speaking, how can i help you?’

until she either goes mad or physically ties her tongue in a knot. that would be cool.

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