Dead, but happy.

Camino – Day I’ve lost count.

Dear self,
Next time you want an adventure, how about we don’t take one during monsoon season, alright?
Thanks, all the best,

Today was by far the toughest day yet. I left ummm where was I again, Arzua, that’s right, Arzua. I left at 8am, and did 24km in the mostly pouring rain, through ankle deep mud in parts for about 7 hours.
Smugly pleased with myself for taking my back-up takkies in my day pack and changed into dry shoes at lunch time. It was worth it for the dry km before I hit the mud again.

Yesterday was so wet I bought a pair of waterproof pants, they are so hot.
Felt like a Hirt and Carter motorbike courier.


And they were awesome, kept me completely dry and snug until they tore 3km in. I kept them on anyway, very homeless man, circa 2013.

There´s very little glamour on this trip.

Phenomenal highlight of the day was arriving in Salceda and finding a divine, funny, thoughtful note left for me by Michelle, Cassidy and Tanika Sparks, from Jozi, who I met when I arrived and are hiking a day ahead of me, sprinkling crumbs, so I know where to go. Such an amazing family! Those girls are doing something unbelievably difficult with huge smiles on their faces.


Then had a shot of something with the bar lady and a couple of other pilgrims, just for luck. Look if one must hike twenty something km through the mud in Spain, doing it shikkered is probably not such a bad idea. Not sure what it was, but I liked it.


Shooter please. Easiest charade of the day.


Hotel here is awesome, best yet, Camino Ways the tour company I booked through have been flawless. I see there´s even a leg massage machine in the lobby that takes 2 euros. I have a 50 euro note, do you think it gives change? Actually no worries, how many times does two go into fifty? I think I have my evening´s entertainment sorted.

3 responses to “Dead, but happy.”

  1. Loving reading your Camino tales, keep ’em coming. A friend went a few years ago and said that “op die Camino was elke dag die heel kakste dag van my lewe” yet we could all see she had an enviable lightness of being. Keep on trucking and hope the rain lets up! V x

  2. Thanks for the comments, nice surprise, didn’t realise anyone was reading. Lol.
    Also thanks for the words of strength, they help.
    Feel a little silly being sore and tired, walked the last km today with Jenny from Germany, who is on week six of her 5th Camino. Six weeks of this? Never!

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