dead body saturday.

so i’m driving along de waal drive on the weekend, when the guy driving next to me in a turquoise uno slows right down to about 20 kays an hour, leans over, opens his passenger door and kicks a body out of his car! couldn’t see if it was dead or alive.

serious. not a word of this is a lie.

so me and the only other car on the road, a white golf with GP plates and three guys in it take chase. ok wait, i didn’t really take chase, it’s just they were all going in the same direction i was already going in, and the uno didn’t go very fast, so it was more like the white golf took chase, and i carried on going where i was going, and just happened to have the uno and golf just in front of me the whole time.

funny, thinking about it now, none of us stopped to check on the body…
(by the time i realised what he had actually tossed out the car i was already around the bend and 500m away, and there’s nowhere to pull over and it’s a one way, so no turning around either. the only choice was to forge on – just to clarify, so you don’t think me a complete heartless coward for not stopping to check for a pulse. i called 10111 for an ambulance, does that make up for it?)

anyway, so the uno is driving erratically, pretending to take a turnoff, then changing his mind at the last minute to try fox us. but we kept on him. the joburg guys did some screaming and hooting, i did some minor swearing and attempted number plate remembering.

a couple of kays before the airport the joburg guys spotted a highway patrol cop car, and we all started hooting and shouting and flashing lights. one of the joburg guys heroically hung out his window and caught the cops attention.

the cops pulled over the uno.

joburg guys then all piled out of their car, screaming and shouting the story at the cops. the uno murderer (as i like to call him) stayed in his vehicle. the cops pulled weapons.

i pulled over and leopoard crawled along the side of the highway, using the cars as cover. gave one of the cops my business card, told him i saw it all and i was happy to be a witness, and then i leopard crawled back to my car, then i drove off. fast.

it’s not that i’m a coward, i just generally try to avoid bullet holes.

i haven’t heard anything since.

the not knowing what the whole story is, is almost worse than if i had gotten shot.

anyone else come across a dead or otherwise incapacitated body on de waal drive this weekend? i’d love to know what happened.


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  1. never heard another word about it. called the cops twice. was on hold for over 40 minutes each time before i eventually hung up. mystery.

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