dating website blacklist

oh shit. i think they’re onto me.

i just logged into my dating website profile and found this:

fuck. not a single look. not even a farmer from bredarsdorp, or an abattoir owner from delmas. shit. i would have taken either of those over this complete vacuum.

do you think they’re onto me? maybe the guy from klerksdorp ( ratted me out. he probably mailed each of the ‘1668 new members who joined or modified their profile since you were last online’ individually and told them – don’t date that chick, she’ll just write embarrassing things about you on her blog and if you’ve got a teeny winkie (unlike mine which is huge – he probably said) she will tell everyone in the internetweb world about it.

i bet that’s what happened.

you laugh (i hope) but it’s no joke, this blog is proving a serious damper on my love sex life. just a couple of weeks ago i was dating this really nice guy, he didn’t even have a third nipple or anything. we were about a month in, all going well and lovely. then he read my blog. that was the last i heard from him. true story. and i hadn’t even written about him. (yet.)

don’t blacklist me boys, please. i promise not to write about your winkies again. unless you ejaculate prematurely, or it’s unnaturally small, like a little mushroom, or unless it bends to the left like a boomerang, like that guy ‘bendy boy’, i once dated. ok wait, i cannot tell a lie, i probably will write about your winkie, but i’ll make up a fake name for you so nobody will know it’s you, promise.

(by the way, if you’re reading this, happy birthday for today ‘mr great disappearing act’.)

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  1. its true dummy! boys will shake in their boots at your blog!you know how fragile our egos are.

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