date week – tuesday is for trekkies.

welcome to day two of ‘date week’.

yesterday we looked at a dating website for people who like to wear adult diapers. (yup i’m afraid so.)

today is something a little less creepy, but no less crazy.

it’s a dating website for ‘trekkies‘ (ie: people obsessed with star trek)

here’s the website’s blurb:

ha, ‘love long and prosper’, see what they’ve done there.

how often have you been desperate to find that special someone to attend a sci-fi convention with you? if it’s often then this is the dating website for you.

let’s meet some of the eligible bachelors:

this guy calls himself ‘captain spock‘. (uber original)

that’s all he’s looking for in a girl, someone to take action like Captain Kirk and ask probing questions like Captain Kirk, hey maybe he’s not looking for a girl after all, maybe he’s looking for someone a little more Captainy and a little more Kirky?

here’s bachelor number two: (i’m guessing he’s the one on the left.)

ok robotkw… you’re clairvoyant are you? guess what i’m thinking right now?

and yes, there are girls too. trekkiettes i guess.

what? i think i understood every third word. somebody date her please, she’s in serious need of a shag.

dude, is that your mom? seriously?

still single? all of you? never!

4 responses to “date week – tuesday is for trekkies.”

  1. wozzel says:

    oi vei – sometimes i still get strange looks because i’m gay.

    and there are people out there in diapers, and trekkie outfits.

    AND I’m strange? yo yo yo!

  2. Deems says:

    Yeah, there are some *special* people out there. I don’t judge, just think they’re special (to someone I guess).

  3. Gail says:

    People in glass houses should not throw stones… I like me a bit of trekkie on the side, love long and prosper

  4. I’d definitely do the two redheads in the red dresses. I’d even be willing to dress up as James T. Kirk if they have a spare outfit lying around.

    “Beam me up Scotty, my phaser appears to be malfunctioning and I have two hot redheads raring to go!”

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