date a gay millionaire NOW.

i was surfing the net and this ad popped up on the page i was viewing:

yes NOW! right this second. drop whatever it is you’re doing and go on a date with a gay millionaire. i insist.

do you think the gay millionaire is the one in front, or the one behind? i’m going to go with the one behind because he can afford a t-shirt.

and one has to ask, what’s with the fanned collar-of-cash? if you have enough money can you buy one of those?

this ad amused me no end.

i wonder what the criterion are to date a gay millionaire? do you need to be gay yourself, or also a millionaire, or merely just interested in dating a gay millionaire?

because i must just say, i’d fucking love to date a gay millionaire. it would be like going out with your best friend, only there’d be more cash to splash. fun!

although sadly, i doubt that a gay millionaire is sitting at home waiting for me to call him.

i went to check out their website:

i can’t decide whether that guy looks less gay, or less like a millionaire. and what is that behind him? can anyone tell? i see the plant, but what’s that white matress looking thing? are they moving a mattress into his office? makes sense i suppose.

imagine the kind of guy who responds to that sort of ad? somehow i suspect a couple of those gay millionaires are ultimately going to end up asking for their money back. what’s left of it.

6 responses to “date a gay millionaire NOW.”

  1. Juz says:

    Let me at them! *foaming at the mouth*

  2. Gail says:

    oh yes … pick me now 🙂

    oh no wait – they wouldn’t!

  3. Alwill says:

    oh baby. take me now. the one in the bottom ad is cute tho. would it be that this were true, quite a large chunk of the world’s population would spontaneously change sexual orientation!

  4. wozzel says:

    you know i’m going to have to go and check that site out now!!!!

    like every other mofo that has read this post 🙂 hahaha.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fucking hell, dating a gay man is hard enough. Can you imagine how full of kak a gay millionaire must be?

  6. Anonymous says:

    This site is a scam. The search result doesn’t have any milionaires. Only people looking for Millionairs…

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