crazy shit you can buy on ebay

meet janine.

she was trying to sell her breast implants on e-bay. starting bid – one dollar:

i like that, there’s a standard ‘flat’ rate shipping service. strange irony, no?

don’t worry, the implants have only been in her body for a couple of days, so they’re barely used.

her big idea is to make enough money on this sale so she can get an upgrade, you see these are a C cup and she’s considering a D at the very least. The C cup is so last season.

who wouldn’t be interested? put me down for a pair.

crazy chick!

6 responses to “crazy shit you can buy on ebay”

  1. Ninnles says:

    So that 1 bid – that’s from you? Crazy ass people in this world. Good for them, no fun being normal.

  2. Deems says:

    Really goes to show, you can sell *anything* on the Interwebs 🙂

  3. Paige says:

    yeah ninnles, one dollar – that’s about seven hundred and fifty thousand rand and fifty cents, i figure that’s cheaper than getting my own implants done.

    deems, anything indeed. the internetweb is one psycho place. where did we get our kicks before that? also where did we sell our boobs?

  4. Deems says:

    I’m struggling to remember what we did before the Internet. Something about walking to a big building with books in it or something like that – it’s all so far away now.

    Haha, ‘where did we sell our boobs’ – nice 🙂

  5. hey you, at almost 100 followers, head on over to the book club blog…

  6. oy what next? butt implants!

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