Copywriter not included

I love being a copywriter.

But one part of my job really scares me, and that is the part where a job has been written and approved and shot and finished beautifully, and it’s time to sign it off and send it to print.

It’s the copywriter’s last chance to check for errors before it’s too late. And it’s terrifying. The buck literally stops here.

So when I see silly or strange, or flawed copy, after first having a little giggle, I usually feel a deep sympathy for the writer responsible.

My mom and I went to a Cape Town Fish Market this weekend, and she spotted this:


A couple of things strike me here:

Is it weird to get soup from a can at a restaurant? (They can do it, I’m just not sure I want to know about it.)

And is it even weirder to shoot the actual can and put it on the menu, instead of a picture of the bowl of soup?

And is it weirder times ten, that the plate and the arb meal are not included?

I wonder if it comes heated up in a bowl, or if they just bring you the tin*?


*can opener not included.

4 responses to “Copywriter not included”

  1. im trying to figure out the “catch of the day is fresh or frozen”

    thats pretty quick freezing if it was caught today.

    arbest thing to happen to me after print: my name being spelt completely wrong. and this after it went through me, the subs and editor :/

  2. Bwahahaha nice pick up.
    I once spelt ‘necessary’ wrong in an ad. It still haunts me whenever I write that word.

  3. The tins of soup is advertised in the ‘fresh fish market’ part of the menu, you can buy tins of Abalone soup to take home & eat later. They don’t serve these as a meal. #justsaying 😛

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