cool web comic

some time ago i got all over excited and i published a cartoon i copied and pasted off someone elses blog.

here it is. cute hey?

anyway so it turns out it’s a webcomic that originally comes from over here. swing by and check out the site if you get a chance, there’s some pretty cool stuff on it. it’s ‘a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.’

me, i like a web comic.

2 responses to “cool web comic”

  1. XOXO_WP says:

    Gosh I really don’t get that whole ‘it’s complicated’ status on facebook. it’s so lame. that’s such a cute comic. =)

  2. Deems says:

    I’ve been subscribing to XKCD’s RSS feeds for a loooong time now and passing them on every now and again. They’re great.

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