Column responses

I get the flippen best responses to my column every week. Sometimes I think the responses are funnier than the columns themselves.

After the column runs on a sunday I wait in anticipation for the emails to start rolling in.

They range from the angry, to the scary, to the crazy, to the sad, to the raunchy, to the interesting and to the just plain wonderful.

Here are two of my favourite responses I got from the most recent column, which was all about the kind of things you would do for a friend. (you might need to read the column first, for the responses to make too much sense.)

This first mail i recieved is short and sweet and simple. He doesn’t waste time with salutations, but instead gets straight to the point:

Nefarious Activity.

Meet me by the post office with a crowbar, a blowtorch, your passport and a chicken mayo sandwich… No questions, just do it!

I wish i got mails like that in my inbox every day. Thank you anonymous stranger. I will be there, I’m leaving now now. Shall I bring the formaldehyde?

And then there’s Mduduzi. Bless. He writes me every week in response to my column. I love his letters. They’re always incredibly real and heartfelt. Keep em coming Mduduzi.

Before my friends bump me off….

My mother, before she passed on was worried about how I was so passionate about my friends. Unsuccessfully, she wished that she could even choose me right friends. Now, when I reflect I could see what were my mother’s concerns.

my story is as follows, I would do everything for my friends at my expense. I had dozens of friends that came from poor upbringings. I can’t remember having a friend that came from the well to do family.

My considerateness was transcending far above what I wanted for myself. They would throng in my home for food, and some for transport money assistance. I would fish out in my pocket some money for them. Some of them would express their gratitude. I must say that I continued with this mental disposition of helping people always even in my early thirties. I expected that my connections with these people would be cemented indefinitely. This was a miscalculation, a naiveté to be specific. Then we come to the thirties, everybody was beginning to manifest if he was successful on not. Quiet unfortunately I happen to be the least successful among them. what have I received as a premium ? zilch.

I invariably worry that my progeny, that is my son, has inherited these traits. I watch my son invariably when he exhibits this considerateness. I figured that he has genetically inherited from me these traits. I worry because late in his life, he will realize that people were using him for their interests.

A week a ago a close friend of mine has purchased a new car, but instructed people that they shouldn’t tell me. I did not get angry, I figured its maturity. I have learnt that I should always mind my business. Poor little Mduduzi’s son, so naïve about life, unfortunately I can’t do anything. Had I known, I wouldn’t have sacrificed to one.

Shame man, Mduduzi.

Pity I only got to know you once you stopped giving freely to your friends 😉

Have a good Wednesday, all.

Oh yes, and do pop back a little later, there’s good news to follow at around 11am this morning.

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