Cocktonsils and Dickwads

@thejolurie is one of my favourite people on twitter, and is responsible for bringing the word ‘Cocktonsil to my attention.

What a fantastic word. It really just describes a certain kind of person juuuuust right.

You know the kind of person I mean.

So I’m not sure if you’re a member of twitter, and whether or not you tweet? In case you don’t – Twitter is a social networking website, similar to facebook. So you follow people, and people follow you. And very basically it’s like the ‘Status Update’ function on Facebook. Everybody says whatever they want about anything. The only rule is that it has to be 140 characters or less.

So it’s a very brief status update, that you can change as often as you like. Kapish? Good.

So on my travels I’ve come across a fabulous website called Tweeting Too Hard.

It’s a collection of assorted tweets that have been nominated and gathered from people all over the world who are basically a bunch of COCKTONSILS.

Some of them are vain, some of them are stupid, and some of them are just too fucking rich. But they all have one thing in common, they kind of fancy themselves a bit.

Here are a few for your enjoyment:

What a Cocktonsil! Am I right? Am I right?

Dear @mg – Next time, let’s not douchebag so much.

Really lady? Really? You wanna go up against a 13yr old who climbed Everest and Kilimanjaro? Who do you want to bash next? The disabled albino orphan who singlehandedly put himself through college?

Shame, Sammi is sad. Must be tough to be so ridiculously succesful.

Forget tweeting, she’s just a twat!

Cocktonsil – while at first one might assume it can only refer to a person of the masculine persuasion, often on an occassion such as this one, it somehow seems perfectly relevant for a chick.

Bwahahahahahahaha a homeless man is totally going to pee on you now @SonaliT. Karma’s a bitch.

See, every now and then you get one dude rolled into both a dickwad and a cocktonsil at the same time. Above is Exhibit A.
Keep on tweeting you twats, it’s very entertaining.

3 responses to “Cocktonsils and Dickwads”

  1. Alwill says:

    Loving it! People who are on the program “A-List” or who watch it to pick up tips are cocktonsils

  2. Paige says:

    here’s one:

    people who write scathing, rude or bullying comments on blogs, but do it under the safety of ‘anonymous’ are cocktonsils.

  3. Jed says:

    You need a new one I heard a golf mate use lately also:

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