Clients from hell

‘CLIENTS FROM HELL’ is one of my new all time favourite websites.

it’s a series of nightmare stories posted anonymously by people from all over the world telling stories of their interactions with their dumbass clients.

see i’m lucky i only have amazing clients. clients who are smart and funny and clever and sorted. especially the ones who read this blog. clients from heaven, really. ok enough of the arse kissing.

here check out a couple, and then i’ll be posting them randomly whenever i come across a good one. they’re just too good not to share. my comments are in blue.

nice. wahahahhahhaa – what’s the bet the next question is: ‘and can you make the logo one one hundredth of a percent bigger?’

wahahahahhahahahaha *breathe* wahahahahahahahhahahahahaha.

it’s only funny because it’s so true.

i love a bit of constructive feedback.

thanks ‘clients from hell’ you made made my day. but next time, please could you just make it a little bigger and slightly more to the left, and for a little cheaper. thank you.


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