child vs handbag.

Three Moms and a Single is a facebook page run by, well, by three moms and a single. These ladies, one of whom is a regular reader and commenter here at A Million Miles from Normal, write about all sorts of interesting issues that might be relevant to a mom, or sometimes to a single. It’s a good site full of interesting info, so check it out if it sounds like it floats your boat and you get a sec.

Anyway the reason I mention them is that one of their current articles is based on a study released recently by the USDA, that middle-income parents spend a total of $222,360 to raise one child through the age of 17.

That folks, is a grand total of R1.67164089 million. Yup almost two million South African Ronds.

So, since I’m usually pretty single, and don’t think I ever want children of my own (would be potentially cruel to inflict these dodgy genes on another generation), I thought I’d do a little study of what I could buy for the R1.67164089 million I won’t be spending on a 0-17 year old.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I love children. I have twelve nieces and nephews who I’m crazy about and all my friends have some of the most gorgeous kids in the world. So I’m not a baby hater, I just don’t choose to go down that road myself. So, now that we’ve got that sorted, let’s take a look.

People, if this study is anything to go by, I could have a seventeen year old or I could have one of these:

(thanks gav)


Courtesy of Pam Golding, I could have this charming Victorian cottage in Claremont, Cape Town (Three bedrooms, two bathrooms):

Or 52 of these:

(At around R30k a pop.)

Or a good couple of weeks here:

Or 5 572 grams of cocaine:


Bail for possession of 5572 grams of cocaine!

Kids, some say they’re priceless. Others would, more often than not, rather trade theirs in for the Audi R8.
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9 responses to “child vs handbag.”

  1. what do i get with 3 (three) kids?
    a fighter jet maybe? or a … yacht?
    i’ll post them to you later, let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ah fame at last…

    R8 no good to me, fighter jet neither as no boot space…
    what about an island – could we buy a small island? I could go for that… and as I’m about to have my 2nd, theoretically I have double the amount to spend…

  3. Bwahahahaha abraxas, cash on delivery. NOT.
    I love that you want a fighter jet. It’s such a guy thing to want.

    Lood – I’m with you dude.

    liquid pixel – it is gorgeous, right?

    Deems – I couldn’t have written that last line without you. You win an imaginary R8.

    Peatree – thank you so much for the inspiration for this post. sadly not enough for a small island (unless it’s really really tiny, more like a rock in the middle of the ocean i suppose) but carry on having kids, and then we can rack up more $ and trade up for the slightly bigger island/rock in a few years time. plan?

  4. I Love you blog, Paige … its brilliant, funny as hell and well …. brilliant! Well done! Now if I had read this say three years ago instead of frolicking on the banks of the Orange River with a German Tourist … well then I might be living in a nice little house or driving a sexy little car … BUT reality is: I have a German husband and a 2.6 year old son whos shoes size almost matches mine. Perhaps I will reconsider the second child … or maybe not ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for posting on our facebook page, its great to have the support and please comment as much as you like! Lee-Ann from Three Moms and a Single(Jason’s sister remember???)

  5. As the ‘Single’ in 3 Moms and a… I can only say HELL YEAH for the car, cottage, holiday etc ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for breaking my most excellent decision not to have kids down into a cold hard wishlist!

  6. Hi Lee-Anne, of course i remember you. thanks so much for swinging by. Didn’t know you had a 2.6 year old. Your boet is seriously slack in the info dept.

    Loving three moms and a single. v. v. interesting.

    @Birgit – hi *waves enthusiastically* – i’m so with you on the cold hard wishlist!

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