Cats that sit like humans

I’ve long suspected cats.
Of what? You ask.
Oh so many things.
A hunger for world domination for one.
Most of the time they’re just too aloof to be trusted.
Eddie Izzard does a great piece about cats and how they’re not purring behind the couch, they’re actually drilling for oil. Okay it’s funnier when he says it.
I’m a big fan of Graham Norton, and he recently had this website on his show.
It’s a blog full of cats that sit like humans.
Here are some:

All he’s missing is a beer in one paw, and the remote control in another.

That one above is after a couple too many Johnnie Walkers.

See, if he isn’t after world domination, then what? Look at those eyes!

Waiting for his dinner.

Sitting on his hands. It stops him fidgeting.

He looks like he’s been busted watching cat porn! Or as they call it, pussy!


One response to “Cats that sit like humans”

  1. Judy Croome says:

    AHahahahahaha! These are priceless. I’m not letting HRH Theodorable see them, she might take over my chair as well as my bed!
    Judy, South Africa

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