cape town's most awesome restaurant type place ever.

introducing ‘Oyummy’s Chuan Liao Fu’s Shining Cape Massage Restaurant’ right here in the middle of cape town.

drum roll please:

yes, it’s a chinese restaurant, sushi restaurant, take away restaurant, massage parlour, nail art salon and chinese health spa, all rolled into one. what more could you ask for?

see, ‘home of china help your feet’:

and you get a 30 minute feet massage for free. wonder if they do that while you’re eating your sushi? bliss.

look, they’ll even pull your finger for you.

i didn’t know that was a chinese joke.
these are some of the stylish nail designs they’ll do while you wait for your tom yum or your dim sum.
it’s not just yummy, it’s ‘oyummy’.

here’s their 24 hour reservation line, just in case you wake up at 3am and realise that if you don’t get a back massage, some sweet and sour pork, a pedicure, chicken chow mein, a manicure, a chinese health cure, a foot rub and a tray of sushi immediately, you will simply die.

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  1. The only thing that would make this more Hong Kong, is if it wasn’t a Tel: … but a hotline. Here in HK nobody has telephone numbers. They all have hotlines.

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