calvin and hobbes wednesday

he he he, funny little shits.

4 responses to “calvin and hobbes wednesday”

  1. I think I DO have the entire collection maybe – how many books were there? I have the collection books too so have plenty of repeat cartoons. Its insane, he is the funniest thing in the world. love it.

    “Calvin go do something you hate… being miserable builds character!” whilst wearing his dad’s glasses and his mom giggles uncontrollably much to Dad’s irritation…

    Imagine having a child like that. Classic. Until it happened to you 🙂

  2. so smart.
    and i always felt like it was more real than other cartoons. just totally dug into the human truth of being a child and being a parent.

    so good. and i’ve loved going back through some old cartoons, such a lekker reminisce. (funny word reminisce? unless i spelt it wrong, then it’s not funny and i’m an idiot.)

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