calvin and hobbes monday

i came across an interview with Bill Watterson last week, which got me reminiscing.

Bill is the genius warped mind who created Calvin and Hobbes. the interview is here if you’d like to read it. Watterson is typically quite media-shy, so it was cool to read a recent article about him.

i remember flying home from america when i was in my early twenties, howling my eyes out, devastated to have to go home and leave all my friends behind. i spent the first two hours of the flight inconsolable, crying my eyes out, tears pouring down my cheeks, and then pulled out a calvin and hobbes book and spent the next two hours screaming my head off with laughter, tears pouring down my cheeks. i must have seemed like a crazy person.

so i thought this week i’d post a couple of his cartoons just for old-time’s sake. amazing that they’re still funny even over fifteen years later. (sheesh it doesn’t feel like that long ago, and amazing that the cartoons are still so fresh.)

a kid with a sick sense of humour, i love it.

hey don’t you think bill watterson looks a lot like Calvin’s dad?

(hey wozzel, nik, gmb, did one of you bloggers out there recently post about calvin and hobbes, or did i just dream it? let me know if you did and i’ll link to it. my memory she is not working so good. i think i must have dropped myself on my head when i was a baby!)

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