cake wrecks from a laggard.

i’ve been meaning to blog about this forever, but i see now that uber-fab editor of Cosmo and hurricane whirlwind of fabulousness, vanessa raphaely over at has beat me to it. she always was quick on the draw.

so i figured i had two choices:

1. drink another johnnie walker black label and try to forget about my bloggage failure.

2. ignore the fact that i’m a complete laggard and write my post anyway. (that’s the plight of us advertising whores, everythings always been done before.)

so i did a combination of the two options. i drank another johnnie walker black label and then i wrote my post anyway.

as a not so closet baker, cake wrecks is one of my very favourite internetwebsites. you can find it over here:

so this is how it works; people send in pictures of cake wrecks, which a clever lady named jen posts on her blog, they are hilarious.

here are a few that fall under the category – mithpellings:

this is why you should never read out the message you want on your cake to the cake decorator over the phone.

this next batch fall under the category of scary cakes. if these don’t make your six year old poop his pants, then he’s braver than me.
mommy, mommy, please can i have a horsey party?

what’s the bet patty needed a truck-load of therapy at some point.

congratulations, it’s a boy creepy hairy monkey.

and easter was never the same in the johnson, paterson, michael’s and smith households again.

nope that disembodied hand isn’t creepy at all!

congratulations on the birth of your froggy alien baby.

this is why some children grow up to be serial killers.

and of course no site like this would be complete without the ‘wtf’ cakes:

i mean who hasn’t at some point in their life recieved a ‘syphillis blows cake’, a ‘have a happy hysterectomy cake’ or a ‘you’re fired cake’?

3 responses to “cake wrecks from a laggard.”

  1. narrylikes says:

    You can’t help, but feel the love when you look at these… wow.

  2. Anonymous says:

    listen people, its still cake, and i would still eat it in a heartbeat

  3. Paige says:

    wahahaha that’s funny anonymous. would you still eat that dismembered hand? it’s funny, it’s not badly done or anything, but it’s the one that creeps me out most, even more than the waving fillopian tubes or the rabbit with blood streaming out of its eyeball!

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