Adventure Boot Camp Week Two

And that was Adventure Boot Camp, the beginning of week two. Or as I like to call it, ow ow ow, eina, eina, ow.

It turns out that in week one they were just having a laugh. Also, when the foghorns in moullie point are going apeshit, nobody can hear you screaming.

Week one you do ten reps of everything, in week two it’s twenty, in week three it’s thirty, and in week four you’ll find me in Jamaica.

On the upside, I feel amazing in all the places that don’t hurt, proud that I managed it, and in awe of the other incredible women, some of whom are going five days a week and are still standing. I even still like our trainer, Nizaam, even though he made me take a step back while we were doing standing push ups and it hurt like hell.


Nizaam The Friendly Punisher


Okay let’s do this thing, hands up if you’re with me on Wednesday and Friday? Ow, okay it hurts when I put my hand up.


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