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This message below from my amazing friends at The Book Lounge.  Which is undoubtedly the best book shop on the planet (I’m not making that up, it’s common knowledge.)
Hurry hurry, while stocks last. (She says desperately hoping that stocks don’t last.)
Hello Loungers,

Pens Behaving Badly by Paige Nick @20% discount!

Paige Nick 
is one of the funniest writers in South Africa and the collection of the best of her weekly Sunday Times columns, Pens Behaving Badly, is testament to that. There are also many many other funny people in South Africa; this we discovered by reading the reader letters written to Paige in response to her columns that are also included in Pens Behaving Badly. Warning: There may be a few columns in this collection which are not about sex.

To celebrate the publication of Pens Behaving Badly, we’re offering the following special as our Book of the Week:
20% off the selling price for one week only (you pay R140 instead of R175)
Opportunity to have your copy signed and dedicated by the fabulous Ms Nick.

Please note this offer expires on Sunday 5 April.
The books are due to arrive later today, so if you’d like a copy at the special price, please let us know, and also let us know if you’d like your copy dedicated and if so, to whom?


Happy reading!

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