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My gorgeous, talented niece, Jade, has started a blog over here. She’s a remarkable young woman who is all heart. She is a great adventurer, setting out to see every corner of the world, and trying do some good while she’s about it. Actually I just discovered her ‘about me’ section on her blog, and she says it much better than I ever could: Untitled She is currently in Dar Es Salaam, where she’s teaching English at an orphanage and discovering Africa. I’ve nabbed a couple of really cool pics off her blog, to entice you over there. africa-244 africa-363-copy africa-1011 img_0017 Her blog is still new, and it’s early days, but I suspect there will be some good coffee, some great photos and a whole lot of heart coming out of there constantly. Over the last couple of years, Jade has spent a great deal of time and energy in Israel working with the Save A Child’s Heart Foundation. israel-and-sach-019 In a nutshell: Save A Child’s Heart is an Israeli-based humanitarian organisation that provides life-saving cardiac surgery to children from developing countries.Since 1995, Save A Child’s Heart has treated over 3000 children from 44 countries where adequate medical care is unavailable; 50% from the Middle East, 30% from Africa, and the remaining 20% from countries within Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Americas. It’s a cause she’s incredibly passionate about and has embarked on an appeal together with her brother, Aron (handsome and charming, but then I might just be biased) to raise one thousand dollars between now and February.

Jade and Aron, with two of the kids from Save A Child’s Heart

So even though this isn’t the kind of thing I usually write about, I thought I’d share her appeal together with a link to her blog, just in case you’d like to check it out. If not for the charity, then at the very least for talk of a good cup of coffee and tales of some great adventures.

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