Big cahones, or Tik

There’s this shop on one of the roads I use, to get where I’m going on occasion:


So here’s my list of possible reasons why you might decide to call your shop ‘Going Under’:

1. You no speaka da inglish so good.

2. You have a sick sense of humour.

3. You’re just generally a glass half empty kinda dude.

4. Your clothes all come from Australia.

5. You’re a PR machine, with big cahones.

6. Tik for breakfast.

Any other ideas?

6 responses to “Big cahones, or Tik”

  1. @Aneeqah on Twitter suggested perhaps it’s an underwear store. That’s definitely one to add to the list.

  2. According to @ImanutDeano on Twitter, maybe they’re Mayans.
    Another very viable possibility that needs to be added to our list.

  3. I think it’s rather obvious from the picture, Paige. It’s clothing to wear underwater, you know, for when you’re drowning and the like.

  4. “There’s this shop on one of the roads I use to get where I’m going on occasion.” Perhaps you dont “speaka da inglish so good” as im failing to make sense of that sentence of yours. Perhaps this is why you fail to understand the satirical meaning behind the name of our stores i.e affordable clothing. This is suprising as surely an “educated blogger,” like yourself would be able to grasp a concept which has prooven a big hit amongst a customer base, whose primary language isn`t even English… Anyway, best of luck with your blogging and I suppose if you feel the need to pigeonhole us, we do have a positive PR presence and we certainly have BIG cahones!

    • Hey no man Foxy, don’t be grumpy with me, I thought you’d like a bit of free PR since you’re going under.

  5. You misunderstand me Paige, not being grumpy at all. We are all entitled to exercise our freedom of speech, which is what I have done in response to your blog. Thanks for the PR, next time you pass our shop I recommend that you take a look inside, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find inside and your support might indeed improve our chances of going under 🙂

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