Bending spoons

Last week I bent a spoon with my mind (and my hands) for The Times, thanks to Kerstin Waddell of Be Happy Life Coaching (who you can contact by visiting her website or emailing


paper 3


BEND YOUR MIND – By Paige Nick

I’d heard of BYOB (bring your own booze), but never BYOS (bring your own spoon), until I did a course on bending spoons with your mind. Or as I like to call it, Jedi Mind Tricks 101….

You can read the rest of the column by clicking here.


the one the pro did

The spoon the pro bent

‘I decided, if I’m going to make a living telling people about the power of their mind, I’d better be convinced.’ Stefan says.

While they’re chatting I channel intention. When I open my eyes I’ve bent my spoon all the way back. I try again, but everyone’s watching. It’s hard to be calm and excited simultaneously.


the one i did

The spoon I bent



the mornings work

Not bad for a morning’s work



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