bad hair day

I believe it’s entirely appropriate to discuss having a bad hair day on a monday.

More often than not mondays and I aren’t the best of friends. It’s not my fault, I’ve waved a white flag many times, but monday always insists on waiting till I’m not looking and then kicking me repeatedly in the shins and then stealing my boyfriend.

but back to bad hair days.

I thought i’d trawl the net for bad hair, as one does, in search of the worst possible do’s.

The do don’ts if you will.

One has to wonder if this was some kind of dare? Or perhaps an initiation ceremony. That the rest of the boys in the team/dorm/chior waited till Myron (that’s what I imagine his name to be) fell asleep and then shaved him an alice band.

here’s the grown-out version:

Nice work Myron!

This next one, less an indication of a bad hair day, more an indication of a clever thing to do with your old bowling ball:
HIM: Oh darling, what lovely eyes you have.
HER: All the better to see you with.
HIM: Oh darling, what lovely lips you have.
HER: All the better to talk to you with.
HIM: Oh darling, what lovely hair you have.
HER: All the better to scare the living crap out of you and take up all the room in the picture with:

yeah, he looks scared, and he probably should.

a ‘do’ for people who need to have unimpeded hearing. or cold ears.

I’ve heard of mothers who have eyes in the back of their heads, but i’ve never seen it in a dude! creepy awesomeness.

Bwahahahaha – oh yes, some days you just have to talk your hair down off that ledge.

Next up, he just had to go and do it. it’s the classic ‘do’, the modern mullet:

And then, the only thing worse than a mullet, a permed mullet, with a bald patch.

Huh? Dude, it’s time to let it go! Your hair’s not coming back, never, no matter what you do to it.

Hope you all have a happy monday.

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  1. I think Myron is a skinhead, but when he took that job in the call center, he realised he needed some extra padding to wear his headset for 8 hours a day.

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